VROGUM is the tradename for the danish window producer Vrøgum-Svarre A/S, situated at the Danish West Coast. In this environment, we have for more than 60 years, been manufacturing wooden windows and doors, with high durability against wind and water.

We are specialized in producing windows and doors made of wood from sustainable forestry. All our products are made from slow growing pine from FSC certified forestry located in the northern Scandinavia in  the Arctic Circle region. The long winter and the short summers in their own give the tree dense growth rings, which mean strength, hardness and remarkable resistance.

Wood  is our core competence, and we have chosen to stick to this. This choice is at the same time a deliberate environmental choice. The amount of CO2 stored in the wood is thus maintained throughout the life of the window or entrance door. At the same time, replanting new trees ensures further absorption of CO2. All in all, an important contribution to minimizing the greenhouse effect. See more about the advantage of wood here.

Our range includes 3 product lines, which are sold under the trademarks:

Maintenance free wooden windows with modern and minimalistic style.

Classic wooden windows and doors with glazing beads on the inside and silicone sealer on the outside.


Sliding Sash window.