We have selected som projects for you to investigate here below, and if you want further inspiration, you can download our SVARRE catalogue here.

Villa in Iceland
Iceland is a country of extreme contrasts, a modern and progressive population in an extreme climate. We have delivered windows and doorsets to a very special project in Iceland, a project that we have been carefully selected for this prestigious project. The reasoning is that our products are both modern and resistant towards rough outdoor conditions. We have delivered a 1800 Pa Certificate of Density, which is well above the tough Icelandic demand of 1500 Pa.
House in Tytingen, Norway
Svarre windows in house in Tytingen
Weather station on Brocken Mountain
At the Harz National Park in Germany is Brocken Mountain, a popular tourist attraction, visited by more than two million people every year. Besides being a beloved tourist destination, the mountain is also the home of Germany’s most famous weather station. It is situation at the very top of the mountain at an elevation of 1,200 meters. Svarre products have been installed in the weather station because of their resistance against extreme conditions.
Stefan Niesner House
Experienced German architect Stefan Niesner has been involved in many building projects throughout his career. He has gained many valuable insights about building materials and components. We are proud that Stefan Niesner chose to install our windows and doorsets in a private home in South Germany. The windows are painted with a tomato red color, which complements the architect’s own solution for shading, and are all very carefully designed to allow the desired amount of daylight into the rooms year round.
Project Town House, Copenhagen
The Holgaard Architects is heading the project Town House in the trendy Islands Brygge district of Copenhagen. The architects have created modern and sustainable building, three stories tall and very definite in its attention to detail. Svarre windows and doorsets are mounted throughout these homes and, in fact, have the also been used as fronts between the floors. Inside are wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that visually challenge the optical impression of what is inside and what is outside. Furthermore, is it worth mentioning that from the outside, you cannot tell what are windows, doors, or sliding doors, as the exterior design is completely alike.
Villa, West Boulevard, Denmark
The homeowners’ ideas and the architect’s lines came brilliantly together in this new home, where modern pale bricks meet Svarre windows to form a contemporary exterior. The architect has fostered several nice details on this house, like the frieze above the windows and under the roof, which allows extra daylight into the living area, and a beautiful design expression from the outside. All windows are rated super-low energy and comply with the 2020 low emissions demands.
Villa Rostock, Germany
Svarre Windows in a Villa in Rostock, Germany
Building in Güstrow, Germany
Svarre window solution in Building, Güstrow
Villa in Glasgow
Privately owned villa built by JAX Developments and designed by architect Murray Russell Architects.
Villa, France
Villa, France